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Green Climate Fund Accreditation and Climate Financing Specialist for USAID Climate Adaptation Project (CAP)

The USAID-funded Climate Adaptation project in Maldives, implemented by Tetra Tech International Development, is currently accepting expressions of interest for a Green Climate Fund Accreditation and Climate Financing Specialist. This position will be located in the main office in Male.


Position Description/Summary: The Republic of the Maldives is a Small Island Developing State (SIDS) and is one of the most vulnerable nations to climate change globally. SME Development and Finance Corporation Maldives (SDFC Maldives), a state owned and regulated specialized financial institution, was established in early 2019 to provide financial products and ancillary services to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and entrepreneurial start-ups with the primary purpose of easing access to finance for MSMEs in the Maldives. In October 2022, Government of Maldives, through a consultative process lead by the National Designated Authority (NDA) for Green Climate Fund (GCF), nominated SDFC Maldives for accreditation to the GCF as a Direct Access Entity (DAE). With financial support from USAID Climate Adaptation Project (USAID CAP), a Gap Analysis was conducted in 2022 to identify fiduciary, administrative and financial management, and environmental and social safeguards gaps that need to be addressed to meet the requirements for SDFC accreditation. As an outcome of that initial stage, a database composed of accreditation documents was set at SDFC Maldives. The objective of this consultancy is to provide technical support to SDFC Maldives to be accredited as a DAE for GCF. The Consultant will be based in SME Development Finance Corporation, Male’, Maldives, during the assignment. For the completion of the ESMS, arrangements will be taken in consultation with the NDA for support by Ministry of Environment. Flexible working arrangements will be possible for deliverables that do not require physical presence at SDFC. The level of effort required is 90 days.



* Advisory services to fill identified gaps: The consultant shall provide adequate advisory services to SDFC with the aim to put in place processes and compile supporting documents as assessed by the accreditation gap analysis. These include support for: 1) The setup of an environmental and social safeguard system and its operationalization within the organization, 2) The formalization of a gender policy, and 3) The compilation of evidence in a format acceptable to the GCF that demonstrate administrative, financial management, transparency and accountability, and fiduciary capability;

* Planning the accreditation process: The consultant shall guide the accreditation process planning and provide to SDFC Maldives a workplan that meets GCF roadmap for accreditation, including all required steps, procedures, forms, and prerequisites for accreditation;

* Guiding the implementation of the accreditation workplan: The consultant shall prioritize work related to addressing existing gaps vis-à-vis GCF requirements in SDFC Maldives’ unit/cell and functions and guide the implementation of the accreditation workplan including actions to address the priority gaps, e.g., development of the environment and social safeguard policy, and gender policy for SDFC Maldives;

* Capacity building: The consultant shall provide necessary training and capacity development for SDFC Maldives’ staff and departments on climate finance and steps required to obtain funding once accreditation is completed. The capacity building activity shall include accreditation gap areas, accreditation workplan, sharing of best practices for systems to be put in place in preparation to successfully mobilizing climate finance, and develop a draft concept note that can be submitted to GCF. A brief report on the capacity building and training activity is expected to be annexed to the final report of the assignment;

* Analyze SDFC Maldives portfolio to assess climate compatibility (e.g., level of climate financing and climate de-risking considerations in current products), and provide techniques and tools to identify compatible projects;

* Develop a Climate Investment Strategy for SDFC Maldives in consultation with relevant stakeholders which can serve as a clear and concise pathway for SDFC Maldives’ climate financing; and 

* Finalize and ready for submission, the GCF concept note prepared during the capacity building activity, for a project from Maldives to be submitted to the GCF in consultation with Maldives NDA in-line with Maldives Country Program to the GCF, and other relevant stakeholders to kickstart SDFC Maldives’ Climate Investment Strategy.   



* Master’s degree in Economics, Environmental Sciences, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change, Climate Financing, or any other relevant field;

* Knowledge and proven experience of a minimum ten (10) years working in climate relevant fields including implementation of climate projects, development of projects for climate finance and institutional capacity building for climate finance. Experience in climate finance for SIDS will be of a great advantage;

* Proven experience in supporting the accreditation process to the GCF for at least 1 DAE;

* Experience with the GCF on climate finance transactions involving DAEs;

* Track records for carrying out consultancy work at international levels in the field of climate finance, including the set-up of an environmental management system;

* Knowledge of GCF accreditation requirements that can be demonstrated with verifiable track records of accreditation Gap Analysis;

* Sound knowledge of the financial and fiscal systems and structures in developing countries, including policies, strategies, guidelines, and other related programs – experience working in similar work in the Maldives will be an advantage;

* Previous experience in working with bilateral or multilateral donor agencies or international organizations is required;

* Advanced knowledge of operation of Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the Direct Access Entity (DAE) application process;

* Experience and direct work in developing bankable concept notes for the GCF, mobilizing climate finance resources, green funds, and any other similar facility, in a developing country. Development of concept notes that resulted in funding proposals that were approved by the GCF is required;

* Experience in building capacity for a Direct Access Entity on climate finance in support to accreditation process; and

*Previous experience working in a similar capacity in Maldives would be an added advantage.